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  •  Anansesem is a literary and visual art online magazine featuring artwork from Caribbean artists (adults and children). Check out both Mirlande’s and Dirk’s work in the May issue of Anansesem
  • Take a ride on Bmore's mobile circus - Charm City Bus Stories - Mirlande's blog about her humorous and sometimes shocking experiences on Maryland's MTA Bus Line.

  • Haiti Cherie!
    News, stories, art, and personal reflection on Haiti . Blog by Mirlande



Caribbean Arts Fest
Crafts, short films, poetry, and traditional song performances, art exhibit.

Mirlande Jean-Gilles, Dirk Joseph, Pierre Bennu,
Katia D. Ulysse and Cher Jey

Saturday June 23rd 2012  - 11AM to 3:30 PM

Waverly Branch Library - Baltimore MD

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  • Ground Level Futurism - a two person multidisciplinary art exhibit featuring the works of Dirk Joseph and Jason Harris at Gallery 1448 in Baltimore Maryland.

    Opening reception on March 18th 2011
    7pm-10pm. Show closes on March 30th 2011.

    Popular culture portrays the future either as a bright bubbly technotopia (as depicted in the 5th Element) or as a polluted, depressing dystopia (as seen in Blade Runner, Wall-E), yet rarely are the everyday lives of the people who exist in these imagined outcomes discussed.

    Dirk Joseph joins Jason Harris to explore imagined futures from a community based perspective. The exhibit features 2 and 3 dimensional art and video installation.

    Gallery 1448 is owned and operated by Artist's Housing Inc., a Baltimore based Artist's cooperative. The gallery is located at 1448 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Gallery hours are Saturday and Sunday, 12-5PM.
  • Past  2010 events :Sowebo Festival, Charles Village Festival, African American Arts Festival, Baltimore Farmers Market, Fulton Art Fair, and others.










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